Bringing Magick to your day-to-day living

We all want a magical life where we're able to shape and have some control over our destiny. A life in which we can have and enjoy what we desire the most. It is said that for every illness, there's a plant to cure it. Whether is abundance and prosperity, love or emotional wellbeing, in Nature we can find everything we need to reach our goals.

A Quest for Magick

After travelling extensively around the world, attended a myriad of workshops on healing techniques like reiki, magnified healing, ancestrology, Psychomagic, Shamanic Plants, Aromatherapy, Gemtherapy and Wicca, etc...it was clear that this personal quest for meaning and purpose had to be channeled into something concrete. I began crafting a few handmade soaps, lipbalms and lotions with essential oils and crystals, targeting specific goals. I fell in love with my work and creation never stopped.

Researching Magick and experimenting with recipes from the library

Healing Magick started in 2014 locally. People started to reach out and share their experiences about how each time they used a product was like entering a sacred space of magic, awe and hope. Something was happening when using a product that was meant to improve your life, instead of an average one. The Routine became a Ritual, providing our life with meaning and purpose, and opening us up for that which we hope to receive. So in a few months, the store expanded and now we have over 100 different products, enjoyed by people from all over the planet. 

Designing and manufacturing products at the "Magick Lab" in the Ecuadorian Jungle

Your space of Magick and Healing

Healing Magick is for all who yearn an intimate connection to the Universe, from the experienced Shaman to the initiated seeker. For all who tried conventional ways of healing, but are looking for a holistic approach. For everyone who feel there's more to life that we can see with the naked eye. For all who need a little help from the Magic of Nature to reach their goals : we have a Potion for every Affliction.

Turning your Routine into a Ritual

We give you all the Magick of Nature in a single bottle. Manufactured with knowledge of medicinal plants, magical crystals, aromatherapy and witchcraft, each product is meant to improve your well-being in whatever way you choose: salves, sprays, bath oils, lip balms, herbal incenses, intention candles, and more. How does it work? Each essential oil, herb, flower, resin, color and crystal in your product, as a hidden superpower. Combined the right way, they change your emotional and mental frequency, helping you to align energetically with what you seek. You'll begin to experience moments of synchronicity, interconnection, and epiphanies as if the Universe were watching you and trying to send you a message. 

Working with Nature

Healing Magick products work with energies from Nature. Magick with a "K" sets the difference between illusion and transformation, it does not alter the rules of Nature, because Nature is Magical. Therefore, our commitment is to do no harm, using the least amount of plastic and avoiding any toxic substances to the environment. Most containers are either glass or aluminum, which can be recycled or reused the way you see fit. Our skin care products were made with sustainable vegetable oils, completely organic flavors, no preservatives added, and with the magic of essential oils, so you can benefit from the essence of an herb in a single drop. And most importantly: the products were crafted with love, intention, and attention to detail. I hope that by using them you feel its magick, knowing that the Universe is always supporting you and conspiring to make your dreams come true!

Teal Moon

Healing Magick at the Christmas Fair at Casa Berkana, December 2nd, 2018