True Love

To help those who are single and ready for true love. It will send out the magical message that you are now ready to settle down with the right person. 


*During Waxing Moon to draw true love towards you.

*Choose Friday, day of Venus. Work after sun set.

Wou will need

-A  6" to 8" red candle
-A wine glass a quarter full of pure spring water
-The petals of six red roses placed into a bowl
-one fine sewing needle
-Fine red sewing thread 48" long


How to proceed

1) Before you begin, it is recommended to follow the steps outlined here

2) Light a red candle saying:

'Bright Venus, bless this circle well. Honor and empower my spell.' 
3) Take a wineglass one quarter full of pure spring water in your left hand. hold your right palm over the water saying:

'This water, blessed in purity is blessed by the goddess. Blessed by me and charged to draw true love to me.'
Sprinkle water over rose petals in a bowl from 6 red roses saying:

'May the love i receive be as pure as my intent.'

rose petal ritual to summon

4) Take out three petals, and take the remainder in the bowl to your front door. Trail the petals to lead from the door to your bed. 5) Double treading a needle, pierce the remaining three petals at the base to form a rose-petal pendant and necklace. Eear it overnight, then keep it under your pillow for one lunar month. 6) Thereafter, Place your rose-petal charm into a natural water source, and await the appearance of your true love.


Choose roses with lots of petals, as this ritual uses them to create a path of love to lead your true love to your door- and beyond.