Increase Self-esteem

This ritual will help you build self-esteem.


*Best cast on a Waxing Moon to enhance feelings of self-worth
*Choose Friday, day of loving and harmonious Venus, after moonrise


You will need

-1 stick Frankincense incense in a secure holder

-one green candle 6-8" in length

-one pale blue candle, 6-8" in length

-matches or a lighter

-one sharp tack

-one clean copper disk

-one wineglass or goblet

-one red rosebud

-one sprig rosemary

-apple juice, 3 oz natural

-spring water, 3 oz 

How to proceed

1) Before you begin, it is recommended to follow the steps outlined here

2) Light the incense and the candles.

3) Using the tack, inscribe the initial of your first name and a

heart symbol on the copper disk. 4) Place it into the chalice, saying:

By that which I hold dear

Add the rosebud, saying:

By that which I love best

Add the rosemary, saying:

By that which I value

Pour the apple juice and water, saying:

By what is sweet, By what is pure

Hold the chalice in both hands before the candles, and say:

May I hold myself dear

May I love myself well

May I be that which I value.

5) Leave the chalice undisturbed in the open in moonlight for an hour; then drink the potion.

6) Bury the disk, rosebud, and rosemary beneath a beloved plant in your garden or in a nearby green space.

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