To protect a new business or enterprise and thereby procure its future success.


*Work on a Waxing Moon to attract success and build protection and endurance

*Choose Thursday, day of fortuitous Jupiter.

You will need

-one charcoal disk in a fireproof dish
-one deep blue candle, 6-8" in length
-matches or a lighter

-2 teaspoons of dried juniper berries

-one 8" forked twig of mountain ash (rowan)
-one long twist of wild ivy, approximately 24" in length

New Business or Enterprise

ritual to procure success to a

How to proceed

1) Before you begin, it is recommended to follow the steps outlined here

2) Light the charcoal disk, then the blue candle, saying : 
Fortuna, mother of fortune
Smile upon your child.
Light the green candle, saying: 
Erce, mother of evergreens
Smily upon my venture.

3) Burn the juniper berries on the disk.
4) Pass the twig of mountain ash (rowan) through the scented smoke, saying : 
Steadfast and pure
Hold fast and endure.

5) Twist the ivy around the stick, bottom to top and back again, and pass it through the incense smoke again, saying : 
Semper, semper, semper.
6) Place the entwined twig in front of the candles, and using both hands, direct the incense toward your heart, saying :
Guard and protect me, I harm none. 


In order to maximize this particular benefit, burn juniper berries every night for seven nights prior to the full moon, and secure a twist of ivy to place around your bedpost.