Cedar (Cedrus libani o C. spp.)
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Deity: Isis.
Powers : healingmoney, purification and protection. 


Magical Uses : The smoke of the cedar is purifying, and also cures the predeliction to having bad dreams. Twigs of the cedar are burned and smouldered, or made into incense. To heal head colds, they are placed upon the hot rocks in sweat baths for purification by some American Indians. Cedar hung in the home protects it against lightning strikes. A cedar stick carved into three prongs is placed prongs up into the ground near the home to protect it against all evil. A piece of cedar kept in the wallet or purse draws money, and cedar is used in money incenses. Cedar is added to love sachets and is burned to induce psychic powers.
(Note: Juniperus verginiana is often used in place of cedar.)