Cumin (Cumimum cyminum)
Folk Names: Cumino, Cumino Aigro, Sanoot, Kimoon
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Powers: Protection, purification,  fertility and anti-theft. 

Magical Uses : In Germany and Italy, cumin is put into bread to keep wood spirits from stealing it. Cumin seed also possesses the "gift of retention"; i.e., it will prevent the theft of any object which retains it. Cumin is burned with frankincense for protection and scattered on the floor, sometimes with salt, to drive out evil. It is also worn by brides to keep negativity away from the wedding. It is used in love spells, and when given to a lover it will promote fidelity. Cumin seed is steeped in wine to make a lust potion. Cumin, when carried, gives peace of mind, and if you plan to grow the plant yourself, bear in mind that you must curse while sowing the seed to obtain a good crop!