Banish Unhealthy Habits

To get rid of unhealthy habits once and for all. 


*Work this ritual on a Waning Moon to aid banishment.
*Choose a Saturday, ruled by the disciplinarian Saturn.

You will need

-one charcoal disk in a fireproof dish
-matches or a lighter
-black copal incense
-one brown candle, 6-8" in  length
-one sharp 6" iron nail
-2 white household candles, approximately 6" in length

How to proceed

1) Before you begin, it is recommended to follow the steps outlined here

2) Light the charcoal disk, and sprinkle on incense. Light the brown candle, saying:
Saturn, witness and empower this spell.
3) Heat the point of the nail in the candle's flame, then use it to carve the name
of the habit you want to banish down the side of one white candle, from the bottom
to the wick.
4) Hold this candle before the candle flame, saying : 
Burn it away
Pass it through the incense smoke, saying : 
Let it fly out. 
Hold this candle between your  palms, saying : 
The habit that's in me
Fly onto you
The fire burn it out.

Light the candle. 
5) Using the same method, carve into the side of

the second white candle, from the
wick to the bottom, "HEALTH".
6) Light the second candle, and allow both candles

to burn down completely within the circle.  

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