NIAOULI (Melaleuca quinquenervia)
Folk Names: Paperbark, Paper Bark Tea tree, Punk tree, Niaouli

Planets: Moon, Mercury
Elements: Air, Water
Gender: Masculine
Powers: strength, healing, purification, mental clarity

Ritual Uses : The bark was used for funeral ceremonies and spiritual occasions by the Australian aborigines, bodies would be wrapped in bark before the ceremony commenced.

Magical Uses: The clarifying aroma of niaouli oil is used to clear the mind, induce concentration, uplift mood, and inspire optimism about the future. The bark has natural magical and spiritual properties and is an excellent medium to scribe spells or to create a wish on. Try writing your wishes in ink on the bark and bury it in the ground where it will not be disturbed. In three days dig it up and set it on fire, releasing the wish to the universe.