Chili Pepper Ritual

This ritual helps when passion has faded in

an otherwise loving and committed relationship.


* Cast on a Waxing Moon
* Choose a Friday, to bring Venus's love of pleasure into play, or Tuesday to invoke the impulsive energy of Mars.

You wil need

-one cinnamon incense cone or stick
-one red candle 6-8" long
-matches or a lighter
-6 red and 2 green fresh chili peppers
-one strand of your partner's hair
-one fine red ribbon 12" length

-one 36" of florist wire
-one sharp kitchen knife
-scissors, to cut wire


1) Before you begin, it is recommended to follow the steps outlined here

2) Light the incense, then the candle, saying : 
Element of Fire
Raise (hir/her) desire
Flame grow longer
Heat grow stronger.

3) With the knife, make a slit on the side of a green chili. Place your partner's hair inside, and reseal the chili, cinding it with the ribbon -this is the "torso"
4) Thread 5 red chilies with florist wirte, leaving 1 inch of wire protruding at one end of each. Thread the beribboned chili using 2 lengths of wire, which should join at the thin end and emerge separately at the thicker end -this is for the "legs".
5) Join the four red chili "limbs" to the torso, and select the fattest red chili to secure as a "head". Hold your doll before the candle flame to energize  it.
6) Keep the doll under your bed until passion is restored. Cook the remainder of the chili peppers in a spicy dish for your lover. 

to Revive Passion in a Relationship

ritual del aji para la pasion