Yemaya  Fertility Ritual

Yemaya is the Yoruba matriarch of the sea, women and fertility. She is particularly sympathetic to those who struggle with infertility.


*During Waxing or Full Moon, because we expect to increase fertility just like the Moon increases in size.
*Choose any day but Wednesday.

You wil need

-one watermelon
-one small blue or white candle

-a knife to carve the watermelon


1) Before you begin, it is recommended to follow the steps outlined here

2) Bring the small watermelon to the beach.

3) Cut a well into it.

4) Dress the candle if you wish, using fertility oils and herbs of your preference. Hold the candle in your hands infusing and charging it with your desires and intentions.

5) Insert the small candle into the watermelon and light it, then send it out to sea. Your petition should be made to Yemaya all the while. 


Make sure that your candles are environmentally and eco- safe. Polluting Yemaya's holy sea with toxic materials won't earn you any points!